Matt Savich

Matt Savich received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in 1987, and his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Detroit in 1993.

He's a former NCAA Division I wrestler (UNLV), and spent two years as a graduate assistant wrestling coach while studying at U of M.

He married the love of his life, Theresa, in 1984. Their daughter, Mattison, currently plays on the women's hockey team at Michigan State University (she is studying to be a surgeon in her spare time). To support his daughter's love for hockey, Matt skated with her extensively when she was growing up and even coached one of her AAA teams. Matt currently plays in several adult hockey leagues, and he continues to bring the same tenacity to the courtroom that he does to the ice rink.

Interestingly, Matt, Theresa and Mattison embrace the vegan lifestyle because one of Matt's college professors challenged him to find flaws in a book called "The Case for Animal Rights" by NCSU Philosophy Professor Tom Regan.

Regan proved his case to Matt beyond a reasonable doubt, and from that moment on it was easy to understand why animals deserve the same rights of life, liberty and happiness that all humans demand/receive.

When the State Bar of Michigan created its first Animal Law Section, Matt was a council member, of course.

The Savich family maintains a close friendship with Michigan's own Gary Yourofsky, one of the world's most influential animal liberation activists. In the late 90s, Matt represented Gary pro bono for his many acts of civil disobedience.

To learn more about veganism and why it is a moral imperative, check out Regan's book and Gary's website.


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