For driving-related offenses, especially ones involving revoked or suspended licenses, criminal-defense attorney Matt Savich & The Center for Driver's Rights (CDR) can put you behind the wheel again. Prices range from $150 for minor ticket infractions to $5,000 for multiple "under-the-inlfuence" offenses. Restoring a revoked or suspended license will cost $1,000-$2,500. Call  Matt & CDR at 248-344-2293 or email

Matt Savich

The Center for Driver's Rights

From minor ticket infractions, revoked and suspended driver's licenses, and all "under-the-influence" violations (DUI, DWI, OWI, OUIL, OUID, OWVI, DWLS, or DWLR) to marijuana arrests, state & federal white-collar crimes, or any other felony charge, criminal-defense attorney Matt Savich is your best choice for legal representation. Call 248-344-2293  or email


Protecting the Rights of Drivers

For 25 years Matt Savich has protected the rights of drivers, and other defendants, from unfair or harsh prosecutions. If your license has been revoked or suspended, and you need to drive again, Matt has the courtroom experience to get your license back, and put you behind the wheel again. Call 248-344-2293  or email